Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ghost Rider's Diary

Today was the day! From the moment I woke up, I was walking on air! I didn’t even eat breakfast! As soon as I got dressed, I grabbed my electric guitar and headed out. I soon reached the big stage, our band, the Shadow Masters, were going to perform tonight in front of about 50,000 people! I hoped I wouldn’t screw up! We were going to perform Beat It, by Michael Jackson, and because I’m the electric guitarist, I got a really hard bit to play!

I met up with Upchuck, Blaze and Death bringer, as soon as we greeted each other, it was practicing away, I still had trouble with the last note, Blaze says to use the metal tube. Other than that, everything went according to plan. I felt a bit nervous with the metal tube.

I caught a taxi back to home and I tried really hard to perfect my main part in the song. At 7:00, I hitched a ride on a limousine to the concert, the real thing started at 8:00pm, so me and my band had one last practice before the concert. At last! The moment had come, we stepped into the blearing audience, they were all cheering so loud, I thought my head would explode! (Some of our fans even fainted!) We all looked at Upchuck; he nodded, and then started.

Everything went pretty well, me and Death bringer were rocking it out on our guitars, then my big moment came, without Blaze’s singing to guide me, it was just me and a quiet sound from Deathy’s (death bringer) bass guitar. My heart was pounding like a distant war drum, and then it came. I played my part, and I was actually relaxed! After all those practicing, it finally paid off! I came to a big stretch on my guitar, and I succeeded! We ended with a beat it echo! The audience sounded like a thousand trumpets rolled into one! After a lot of bows, we walked off the stage; exasperated. Then our manager signed us all to a party! We all said no, because we were sooooooo tired! I arrived back at my house, slumped on my bed, exhausted! Well, tomorrow, there’s another

concert! Uhhh! Sometimes I hate being a rock star! Ok, goodnight!

Deathbringer's Diary

Today was THE day. From the moment I woke up I was walking on air. Today, I and the rest of Shadow Masters performed at Wembly Stadium. There were 100,000 people coming to see our performance, imagine how nervous I was.

When we had our final practice one of my electric guitars strings broke when I played my first note! So after that was fixed, we continued the rehearsal and there were no other problems. Then we had to practice the entrance since it was extremely hard but we mastered it.

Then the big moment! We were all in a helicopter and there was a super long cable attached to the guitars’ and we started playing in mid-air. Sadly, Upchuck our drummer had to stay on the ground but still everyone in the crowd went wild. Their favorite song which is also the rock anthem of the world Bohemian Rhapsody and the way Blaze sang it was beautiful.

After the concert we spent about an hour giving out autographs! Then there was the after party which was so long that it ended at 1:00 am by the time it finished. So you can guess that it wouldn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

Blaze's Bigraphy

Charlie was born into to a rich family which had made its money from building resorts, 6 and 7 star hotels and numerous Disney lands all over the world. He was born on January 1st 1970. His parents [Jim RJ woods and Celeste Ann hunter] have always told everyone that when he was born he had harmonic melody to his crying along with a beat! When Charlie was three he had a baby sister called Amber RJ Woods [1973] who also shared the same beat in crying along with his older sister Jade Celeste Woods [1968].

When Charlie was about three his love of music blossomed at his preschool [Salem preschool of America]. When the high school choir and orchestra played and sung, a high soprano came out with an amazing solo. Since then, he has always loved the sound you make when you swoop on high notes. When he was eight, Charlie met his adopted brother and future member of the band. Freddy RJ Woods who his parents one day had found on the streets half-starved and exhausted having run away from his orphanage.

At his primary school [Salem academy] Charlie was adept at math, computer work and of course music. Although he was an alto, he often got soprano solos. While his foster brother Freddy was drumming, Charlie was singing. At high school [Salem academy] he decided that he was going to go to Cambridge. When he was 17 he got his first motorbike [prototype of the Harley] called a spin gear.

When he did go to Cambridge he met his two great friends Michael Punson and Stuart Broad JR. Coincidentally, at music class there was Michael, Stuart and Freddy, playing all at once in a ‘blast of musical fusion’ as Charlie describes it. The group performed in quartets many times later in university. When they got out of university they decided to make the rock band.

The name Shadow Masters was chosen [in Charlie’s opinion] in memory of their days in university when they watched horror movies like the exorcist. Their first album as a band was called way down and was produced in 1992. Their next album called scorpion in the sky produced in 1993. The band was going very smoothly until Charlie decided to go for a concert with his two sisters. The band, thinking he wanted to breakup, would not talk to him for a month, except for Freddy

In 2000 Freddy got married

Soon after he met a girl called Katie scones- they were together for four months before they broke up. Soon he met another girl called Catherine Mason but they broke up after three weeks so as to an unfortunate accident with Michael trying to clean up using a mop tied to an energetic puppy! Three months after that incident he met Maria Jade who was a childhood friend in a Starbucks pretending to be a normal person [to get away from the fans for a while]. Maria remembered him from posters but she was famous herself, so she understood his feelings.

Four weeks later they were engaged.

The wedding commenced in June 2003 with Freddy as the head man, Stuart was the usher and Justin an honored guest

The new album Ivan de casocove came out two weeks later. 3 years later Charlie and Maria have 4 kids [Tom, Jimmie, Opal, and Kate] Unfortunately Their 5th child died of neuro pharo mitosis.

Currently Maria and Charlie are thinking about making a surprise appearance at Broadway since the Shadow Masters had been accepted into the rock band hall of fame.

Up Chuck's Biography

Freddie Black was born (to be a rock star) in 1971, 29th of May. Black was orphaned in a place called America, New York. Every day, he would set out a drum set with pots and pans and bang it for a few hours until he was bored stiff. Also, he would turn on the radio and play along, waiting for people to get annoyed! A strong fast learner 7 years old Freddie Black, escaped the orphanage because he kept being beaten by playing too thunderous at night with the drum playing! Since then, he roamed around the streets (for one day) looking for food. After that exhausting night in the darkness; he was found by two incredibly wealthy parents (who lived in a mansion) and adopted him. He in addition had a talented stepbrother named Charlie Reginald Jake Woods and he was named Freddie Reginald Jake Woods (Freddie Woods). He also had two more sisters named Amber and Jade.

Both of them went to Salem academy (a very high standard school), and practiced firmly on their music talent. In Y8 they won the medal of great music following on with a scholarship: deducting 50% of the school fee. Sometimes they would practice their music 8:00am-5:00pm on the weekends. They loved to compete in school bands even sneak in the enormous music room and play their instruments mischievously. When he was 19, Freddie went to Cambridge a University with his faithful brother. In Cambridge they had two more friends; they were all talented enough to make a band. One was named Stewart Broad JR and the other was called Michael Punson. Stewart plays the electric guitar. Michael plays the bass guitar. Charlie is the singer and Freddie of course is the drummer. Together, they practiced harshly on their music. Later on, the four made a fabulous first album called: Way down, and arrived to the top charts rapidly. They performed many times on stage, with lasers, explosives, smoke machines... ECT. They travel in limousines, private helicopters and private jets. Up Chuck didn’t know he was growing up to be a rock star!

Deathbringer's Biography

Deathbringer (real name Stuart Strauss), who is the lead guitarist of the band Shadowmasters, entered the world, kicking and screaming, on the 25th of September 1975, in London, England. His parents Chris and Hajra knew that they wouldn’t have trouble feeding him and for the next 18 years; his head hardly ever left the fridge.

He attended Kellett School and in year 6 he had the best class in the school, P6-21, and every thing about his teacher Mr. Hulbert was perfect (apart from him supporting Sunderland).

He attended Kellett Secondary School and then went to Oxford University where he completed his studies.

He met the rest of the band at a movie premiere of “Goodness Gracious Me”. After they formed the Shadow Masters, the band has won 10 awards, 5 Grammies, 2 MTV awards and 3 AMA awards.

In a recent interview his dad Chris said, “I never thought he would be a musician, he was a big fan of cricket and once he was in the field he dived to stop a ball and his pants fell down!”