Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blaze's Bigraphy

Charlie was born into to a rich family which had made its money from building resorts, 6 and 7 star hotels and numerous Disney lands all over the world. He was born on January 1st 1970. His parents [Jim RJ woods and Celeste Ann hunter] have always told everyone that when he was born he had harmonic melody to his crying along with a beat! When Charlie was three he had a baby sister called Amber RJ Woods [1973] who also shared the same beat in crying along with his older sister Jade Celeste Woods [1968].

When Charlie was about three his love of music blossomed at his preschool [Salem preschool of America]. When the high school choir and orchestra played and sung, a high soprano came out with an amazing solo. Since then, he has always loved the sound you make when you swoop on high notes. When he was eight, Charlie met his adopted brother and future member of the band. Freddy RJ Woods who his parents one day had found on the streets half-starved and exhausted having run away from his orphanage.

At his primary school [Salem academy] Charlie was adept at math, computer work and of course music. Although he was an alto, he often got soprano solos. While his foster brother Freddy was drumming, Charlie was singing. At high school [Salem academy] he decided that he was going to go to Cambridge. When he was 17 he got his first motorbike [prototype of the Harley] called a spin gear.

When he did go to Cambridge he met his two great friends Michael Punson and Stuart Broad JR. Coincidentally, at music class there was Michael, Stuart and Freddy, playing all at once in a ‘blast of musical fusion’ as Charlie describes it. The group performed in quartets many times later in university. When they got out of university they decided to make the rock band.

The name Shadow Masters was chosen [in Charlie’s opinion] in memory of their days in university when they watched horror movies like the exorcist. Their first album as a band was called way down and was produced in 1992. Their next album called scorpion in the sky produced in 1993. The band was going very smoothly until Charlie decided to go for a concert with his two sisters. The band, thinking he wanted to breakup, would not talk to him for a month, except for Freddy

In 2000 Freddy got married

Soon after he met a girl called Katie scones- they were together for four months before they broke up. Soon he met another girl called Catherine Mason but they broke up after three weeks so as to an unfortunate accident with Michael trying to clean up using a mop tied to an energetic puppy! Three months after that incident he met Maria Jade who was a childhood friend in a Starbucks pretending to be a normal person [to get away from the fans for a while]. Maria remembered him from posters but she was famous herself, so she understood his feelings.

Four weeks later they were engaged.

The wedding commenced in June 2003 with Freddy as the head man, Stuart was the usher and Justin an honored guest

The new album Ivan de casocove came out two weeks later. 3 years later Charlie and Maria have 4 kids [Tom, Jimmie, Opal, and Kate] Unfortunately Their 5th child died of neuro pharo mitosis.

Currently Maria and Charlie are thinking about making a surprise appearance at Broadway since the Shadow Masters had been accepted into the rock band hall of fame.

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