Thursday, November 25, 2010

Deathbringer's Biography

Deathbringer (real name Stuart Strauss), who is the lead guitarist of the band Shadowmasters, entered the world, kicking and screaming, on the 25th of September 1975, in London, England. His parents Chris and Hajra knew that they wouldn’t have trouble feeding him and for the next 18 years; his head hardly ever left the fridge.

He attended Kellett School and in year 6 he had the best class in the school, P6-21, and every thing about his teacher Mr. Hulbert was perfect (apart from him supporting Sunderland).

He attended Kellett Secondary School and then went to Oxford University where he completed his studies.

He met the rest of the band at a movie premiere of “Goodness Gracious Me”. After they formed the Shadow Masters, the band has won 10 awards, 5 Grammies, 2 MTV awards and 3 AMA awards.

In a recent interview his dad Chris said, “I never thought he would be a musician, he was a big fan of cricket and once he was in the field he dived to stop a ball and his pants fell down!”

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