Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ghost Rider's Diary

Today was the day! From the moment I woke up, I was walking on air! I didn’t even eat breakfast! As soon as I got dressed, I grabbed my electric guitar and headed out. I soon reached the big stage, our band, the Shadow Masters, were going to perform tonight in front of about 50,000 people! I hoped I wouldn’t screw up! We were going to perform Beat It, by Michael Jackson, and because I’m the electric guitarist, I got a really hard bit to play!

I met up with Upchuck, Blaze and Death bringer, as soon as we greeted each other, it was practicing away, I still had trouble with the last note, Blaze says to use the metal tube. Other than that, everything went according to plan. I felt a bit nervous with the metal tube.

I caught a taxi back to home and I tried really hard to perfect my main part in the song. At 7:00, I hitched a ride on a limousine to the concert, the real thing started at 8:00pm, so me and my band had one last practice before the concert. At last! The moment had come, we stepped into the blearing audience, they were all cheering so loud, I thought my head would explode! (Some of our fans even fainted!) We all looked at Upchuck; he nodded, and then started.

Everything went pretty well, me and Death bringer were rocking it out on our guitars, then my big moment came, without Blaze’s singing to guide me, it was just me and a quiet sound from Deathy’s (death bringer) bass guitar. My heart was pounding like a distant war drum, and then it came. I played my part, and I was actually relaxed! After all those practicing, it finally paid off! I came to a big stretch on my guitar, and I succeeded! We ended with a beat it echo! The audience sounded like a thousand trumpets rolled into one! After a lot of bows, we walked off the stage; exasperated. Then our manager signed us all to a party! We all said no, because we were sooooooo tired! I arrived back at my house, slumped on my bed, exhausted! Well, tomorrow, there’s another

concert! Uhhh! Sometimes I hate being a rock star! Ok, goodnight!

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