Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ghost Rider's Biography

Ghost rider (real name: Michael Punson), entered into the world, punching and kicking, on the 22nd May 1970. His Caring parents, Annie and George, could easily tell from that very moment that this thumb-sucking baby was born to alter their lives. Little did they know that he would rise up to be a worldwide super-star by the age of 20.

Michael’s father was a famous bass guitarist teacher, and because father George was a guitarist, he thought that by the time his son was 3, he would teach Michael his greatest tricks on the guitar. Annie was a housewife, who once did a great feat in the house, involving a mop tied to a pet dog. Michael’s first schooling took place at Bilberry Bob’s nursery in London. His mother recalls an interesting story which happened there. Awkwardly, Michael’s parents noticed 4 year old Michael constantly appearing after nursery with a piece of paper in his hand. Determined to crack the case, Annie decided to shadow her little son for a day in nursery. Everything went pretty normal, until it was drawing time, Annie watched as her son drew an amazing design of a guitar, but little Michael did not show anybody his dazzling drawing. So then after nursery, when he was at home, Michael hid his piece of paper (with a whole lot of other designs) under his crib.

At the age of 4, Michael attended the great Ebenezer primary school, his habit of drawing guitars showed on his books: literacy, math etc. Michael was soon teetering precariously on the edge of suspension, knowing this, Michael quickly ended that habit, and then he was safe. On Michael’s 5th birthday, he received his very own guitar from his parents, so then he started learning, tutored by his dad. He was a fast learner, always wanting to get on to the next lesson.

By the time he was 10, Michael was almost as good as his father, at that time, Michael was in year 6, and there was a big test coming, so Michael had to drop his lessons on the guitar, so he could study. With a lot of hard work and determination, Michael got full marks, and as a bonus, got admitted into Kellett secondary, so he soon resumed his lessons.

To Michael’s amazement, Kellett had a school band! He rapidly joined and became the top guitarist in the school.

After 6 years had passed, Michael was admitted into Cambridge, where he met the rest of the band: Blaze (Charlie R. J. woods), Upchuck (Freddie Woods) and Death bringer (Stuart Broad junior). The 4 became close buddies throughout university. They didn’t see each other until they met again in 1990, while watching a movie in London. Blaze had the idea to start a band, the rest of his friends agreed and at the age of 20, Michael and his band became super-stars. Their first album ‘Way down’ was made in 1992, and then their popularity expanded all around the world and their fan group got bigger and bigger. Their first song they made in 1993 was called ‘scorpion from the sky’ then in 1996, ‘metallic monster’. One time, Michael was so exhausted; he fell asleep in a concert! Suddenly, in 2008, Michael caught melancholy because his great father had died. Stewart, Charlie and Freddie sent Michael to the hospital.

2 months later, Michael emerged from the hospital; he was healthy, and so the band the continued their concerts. Michael’s future is to help poor children, and to donate money to elderly people with no home.

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