Thursday, November 25, 2010

Up Chuck's Biography

Freddie Black was born (to be a rock star) in 1971, 29th of May. Black was orphaned in a place called America, New York. Every day, he would set out a drum set with pots and pans and bang it for a few hours until he was bored stiff. Also, he would turn on the radio and play along, waiting for people to get annoyed! A strong fast learner 7 years old Freddie Black, escaped the orphanage because he kept being beaten by playing too thunderous at night with the drum playing! Since then, he roamed around the streets (for one day) looking for food. After that exhausting night in the darkness; he was found by two incredibly wealthy parents (who lived in a mansion) and adopted him. He in addition had a talented stepbrother named Charlie Reginald Jake Woods and he was named Freddie Reginald Jake Woods (Freddie Woods). He also had two more sisters named Amber and Jade.

Both of them went to Salem academy (a very high standard school), and practiced firmly on their music talent. In Y8 they won the medal of great music following on with a scholarship: deducting 50% of the school fee. Sometimes they would practice their music 8:00am-5:00pm on the weekends. They loved to compete in school bands even sneak in the enormous music room and play their instruments mischievously. When he was 19, Freddie went to Cambridge a University with his faithful brother. In Cambridge they had two more friends; they were all talented enough to make a band. One was named Stewart Broad JR and the other was called Michael Punson. Stewart plays the electric guitar. Michael plays the bass guitar. Charlie is the singer and Freddie of course is the drummer. Together, they practiced harshly on their music. Later on, the four made a fabulous first album called: Way down, and arrived to the top charts rapidly. They performed many times on stage, with lasers, explosives, smoke machines... ECT. They travel in limousines, private helicopters and private jets. Up Chuck didn’t know he was growing up to be a rock star!

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